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Planning For Your Future

My guiding principle is to put the best interests of my clients first. I believe in building long-term relationships so that I can help folks navigate health, legal, and financial changes that are likely to occur over a lifetime. I collaboratively help folks problem solve when inevitable snags and complications arise. And I encourage thinking ahead to avoid some pitfalls or gaps in planning that are all too common. My main practice areas include estate and disability planning, conservatorships, and probate or estate administrations. I create, and where applicable administer, personalized plans that reflect clients’ unique situations for the most important aspects of their lives: Protecting loved ones and managing the limited time and resources that they have available.

Although thinking about health decline, disability, or dying is never pleasant, establishing a realistic plan is a responsible way to provide for family members and to better protect yourself and your assets. Some folks avoid or are afraid of planning, put it off until it is too late. Others believe that planning is only necessary for “old people” or the rich and famous or that they don’t need a plan because they do not have children, are single, are married, or their estate is “simple.” Practically speaking though, even the “simplest” situations tend to involve complexity. There’s also this truth to keep in mind, commonly quoted in the estate planning world: “There may be simple lawyers, but there are no simple Wills.” Be careful to pick an experienced estate planner and cautious of forms available online for the public. Informed decision-making leads to better outcomes.

The reality is that each of us is getting older every second, and it is never too early to start planning for expected and unexpected challenges ahead. Families are diverse, and some require special language in their estate planning documents in order to protect their loved ones. Do not delay in putting your wishes properly in writing: Your family cannot—and the law will not—read your mind. ⬦

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“I untangle elder law knots. And entangle inquiring minds in the complexity of human relationships.”

— sarah malia, on lawyering vs. teaching